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Monday, 15 January 2018

Michiah Lancaster - A Tribute

Michiah Lancaster. Servant, Warrior for Christ and  beloved son went home to be with his Father in heaven Sunday. His tribute, written by his godly Mama is below

Above all his passion was his relationship with Christ. He helped teach a Bible study every week in a local coffee shop with his brothers and he loved people. He was very social, and was hurt when he saw someone he loved making self-destructive decisions.
  He was worked hard  building houses from the ground up. Roofing, plumbing electrical...people commented on his work ethic. Michiah Lancaster was even a manager in the construction company, with a Christian owner & boss who treated him like a son. A photography lover, horse lover and a singer who loved music and nature's beauty.
He loved missions and hoped to serve God overseas and had given his testimony on Romans 8:28 on how we can trust God with everything, no matter how bad it looks, explaining how his older brother Timothy's death impacted him to be a soldier of Christ the very morning of his death. Sunday afternoon some of the guys decided to swim across. Its a forestry fire fighting pool to fill helicopter equipment. Michiah lost his strength and despite efforts from friends, disappeared. His brother was there and saw it happen. But God has already used this for good in many lives, God has saved at least two we have heard.

Let me just add after that testimony, the family is still praising and even asked me to pray for the man who tried to save him. This is the peace that passes understanding that only the Holy Spirit of God can bring

The pool where he met his Savior

three hours before his going home

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