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Thursday, 9 June 2016


Well now what have we here? No, this isn't a theological blog, nor a political blog, this is just plain old me. The lame joke loving punner, sci-fi lover, and yes, right winger. Lets take a tour of the likely content you'll be treated to on this adventure.

Spock, the ever logical is totally perplexed at the humanoid way of talking to babies

The adventure is only just beginning. 

What does a semi techy think of Windows 10? What works? What doesnt? Windows 7 vs Windows 10 vs Linux.

Well that's your preview. I'm sure there will be a few political and theological posts because naturally I think of things like that. 

Next Time: The saga of trying to use my cell as a hotspot and why it took several months to work out what was wrong 

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