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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Justice and Mercy vs Fairness

  • Justice is based on the universal, unchangeable principles of God's Word
  • Fairness is based on the variable customs of society and the changing will of man

  • Justice establishes guilt when God's standards are violated
  • Fairness tries to remove guilt by lowering standards

  • Justice and mercy are based upon a personal responsibility to a holy God and will produce revival in a nation
  • Fairness is based upon personal rights and will produce rebellion

  • Justice and mercy are based on eternal values. 
  • Fairness is based on protecting temporary values
  • Justice is the expression of God's wisdom for our nation and it's application will lead to prosperity 
  • Fairness is the expression of human reasoning for a nation and will lead to financial ruin
  • Justice is impartial and it's objective is non-emotional
  • Fairness is partial, subjective and is based on arbitrary emotional considerations

The notes above were taken from my notes at the Atlanta City Baptist Rescue Mission sometime in late May. The teacher has requested that neither his name nor his picture be placed online. 

What can I learn from this? The idea of my rights are anti-God, prideful and as that was the sin that brought Satan down, it is quite accurate to say the idea of demanding rights is having the prideful mind of Satan. To use fairness with regards to myself is to rely on human reasoning above that of God. It's actually impossible to be fair if they are based on variable customs and changing will as fairness requires people to be treated equally. Which isnt going to happen if peoples opinions always change. Therefore the only thing that is fair is justice