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Monday, 16 January 2017

Goodbye Everybody

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodby! The time has come to leave Seattle. Leave the city that is on a fast tract to utter destruction. Super high housing prices and a $15 minimum wage being rolled out in stages means that even a single room in the city costs $600 a month. This is with rising homelessness and a Mayor that is simply making things up as he goes along and is doing nothing good. But where am I going? What will I do? In answer to that first question, the answer is:

Yes, I am moving there. In fact by the time, this gets published, everybody on Facebook will have seen my travels. Initially, I didnt think I knew anybody locally but it turns out there is a pastor nearby who used to be at my parents church. There is also another church right in the city run by a Bob Jones University graduate. And of course my siblings are studying at BJU. The real reason for moving to Atlanta specifically is because of an insane situation.

Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless is a low barrier shelter, that has been harassed, and terrorized for years. The city is now taking initial steps to have it forcibly taken from it's owners by eminent domain. Now of course anybody with morals knows, this is theft and completely unacceptable. Initially I will be living right among them, but, there are several places I can transfer to, Including Atlanta Mission and a couple others. At the same time, I will be networking with local groups to patrol the area in a Neighborhood watch type system that has strong vibes of the numerous citizen Militias dotted around the country. The main point will be to advocate for those unable to do so. The idea that people without a home can be tossed here and there, rejects of society is horrifying and those that can be helped, should be taught to be independent, stand on their own two feet and not need to have their hand out, needing government assistance and shelters.
  The second task is public servant accountability. We see extremes all over the place. Either corruption, excusing terrible crimes and Constitutional violations, or we see hate. Anybody who says all cops should die, is a dangerous man. No, they should not. They should be made to be accountable if and when they forget their duties as public servants, or if they choose to violate a citizens Constitutional rights. The courts have long said, one is innocent until proven guilty and so do. I will be updating people via the blog until I have a local Facebook page set up and continuing to update people from here.
  This isnt going to be easy. Quite the contrary. The Taskforce has been plagued by crime and i'm going to be starting up a citizen led patrol group. While I do insist on the accountability of public servants and have no issue with active resistance to Constitutional violations, it is still the police who have to come and arrest the drug dealers and those who choose to fight in the street. For more information on the situation, this article dated December 28th has the basic idea. I fly out early morning on January 27th.


  1. Interesting, Andrew. This sounds right up your alley 😃

    1. You bet. I've got a few ideas on who to rope in for this. Keep an eye out on the blog for more information.