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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

President Trump: Should a Christian Rejoice?

Dear Christian,

As the reality of a Trump presidency sinks in, the question I have is should we rejoice? Should we rejoice that a pathological liar was prevented from leading our country? Should we rejoice that a woman who believes we should have the right to murder the unborn hours from birth, didn't get her way? Should we rejoice that a person who made it clear she would spit on our Second Amendment rights, it not able to go through with her crimes? Absolutely not!

As Christians, everything we do must represent Christ as His ambassadors. Trump has made it clear, by his actions, he is not a godly man. He owns casinos, was divorced three times and claims he does not need to ask forgiveness. We by our vote claim that God approves of this behavior and attitude, when He clearly doesn't. We have misrepresented our God, failed in our Christian duty and now we're patting ourselves on the back because we thwarted a traitor from becoming President. Yet again, we have compromised and failed.

We are comfortable in our nice, safe churches. We go to Bible studies, attend services, run programs and while the converts may not be 'twice the sons of hell' that the Pharisees converts were, the principle is the same. They are converted to mediocrity. To compromise, to making do. We are not even under any real persecution and already we cannot vote for a godly man. We are as the church in Ephesus. Cold, lethargic and we as a nation deserve a person like Clinton. Oh yes, I was expecting Clinton to win as Judgement for our neglect of our duty as Christians and Americans. Yet once again, God showed us mercy and it is of His mercy that we are not consumed. And yet it will be a miracle if even one person is sorry for their behavior. While we decry liberals, when we are confronted, we will cry like one and make excuses. There are none. God will not accept excuses when we stand before Him, we will simply be judged. I will not rejoice with you. I am ashamed.

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