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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The We The People Problem

How does a real American live in a city like Seattle, Washington? That is the question I have to answer because I do. I live in a super liberal city where the percentage of people voting is pitifully small. The Mayor was elected with a paltry 30% of eligible voters doing so and just barely won, meaning he was elected by 15% of the population back in 2013.

Fast forward today and you have the Seattle Police Officers' Guild, which is the largest union, holding secret negotiations with Seattle police and when The Stranger managed to get hold of parts of it the Mayor then decided to get the FBI involved.

Here in Seattle, there is no Tea Party, no Militia in the entire state, no Constitution Party presence in the county and to top it off the Council made it clear, the People would not get a vote on whether to build the most expensive police precinct in the country despite huge backlash and objection from the public. 

I believe the police should be accountable to the public and we should make every effort to lawfully make them do so. However the big conundrum is this: How does one do so when there are so few right-wingers? 

Enter one of the most controversial groups in the nation today. Black Lives Matter. Now before you throw up and block me, i'm not a supporter of them. I believe the focus is wrong and should be on accountability instead of one ethnic group. However let's be real, the media is super biased. The left adores BLM and the right hates them and both sides love sensationalism. Let me give you a dose of reality from a local perspective. I've filmed two protests and not once was I harassed for it either by the police or the protesters. The local leader is a white man and neither protest had a single arrest that I am aware of. What I am saying is our public servants need accountability and these guys are peacefully protesting. The same can be said for the other groups which are almost totally leftwing. And yet there are many people in Facebook groups that are pro-2A and certainly support the Second Amendment. Can they be used to change things and make Seattle more accountable? I do believe they can. It's confusing because normally the left loves government control but I have found a Libertarian like me can survive quite well in person and on social networks and do so without compromising Constitutional beliefs. 

I intend to also get involved with the Constitution Party and be the voice in King County as there is nobody else to do it. And yes that does mean I am voting for Darrell Castle.  I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. That is why we have Trump and Hillary running. Two terrible people who will both destroy America as much as Obama has.

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