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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

In which I visit the Parents in Ohio

I started writing this in the motel room in Mentor Ohio and only just published.  I'm so behind it's unreal. It's been a flying visit in every sense of the word. I flew out Friday night and landed in Cleveland Hopkins Airport around 6AM Saturday. The adventure started when my 10PM flight from Seattle was delayed due to a computer crash. It was only an hour delay but it was long enough I was about to start on strong coffee and energy drinks and settle down for a long wait.

The Flight and Arrival

The flight was mostly uneventful apart from some turbulence on the approach to Cleveland but nothing severe. I had decided to take Frontier Airlines and it was budget in every sense of the word. I had to pay for my checked bag and there was no in-seat power or even a USB port and no Wi-Fi. The table on the back of the seat wasn't even big enough for the laptop, which I had to put on my lap, which I suppose is what it's meant for. Arriving, Dad got lost and took 3 hours to make the 45-60
The Family together again
minute drive out there. I couldn't complain though as I was going to spend $50 on taking Lyft out there. I arrived at the house and finally saw the rest of them. There were hugs all round of course. Joanna and I engaged in our typical stimulating conversation as she would put it and Peter and I did a bit of geeking out. I showed him the horrific job my phone camera did of filming while walking around.

Grace Church of Mentor from 2002
Grace Church of Mentor has gone through a HUGE change over the years. From having maybe 30 in 1979, it now has well over 400 people and the building has undergone massive upgrades from the time I saw it last in 2001. I only saw a few people, which was highly disappointing but of those I did see, everyone was older and bigger of course. I was semi prepared as I had seen Facebook pics but it's that much crazier in person.


I arrive back at Cleveland to find there was an hour long delay for the flight back so did the only logical thing and went for Chic-Fil-A. It was a good trip and one I hope to repeat over Christmas

Joanna and I <3
Peter and I

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