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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

My return and my confession

Well as a few have seen, I'm back online. Some of you may think highly of me. You shouldn't. I'm nothing but a pharisee and a hypocrite and fraud. Or was. I debated theology like I knew something and I did. In my head. There was no heart in it and it was not lead by the Holy Spirit.
  I was in fact a cussing, smoking, bad tempered rebel who had only the thinnest veil of godliness. For a long time I was a terrible flirt, carrying on highly inappropriate conversations with females and was a hater. I hated on and bashed people daily. If not a liberal but someone I disagreed with or even somebody who did something I considered stupid.
  The only way I realized I was saved was God chastised me and turned my human greatness into nothing. From 2014 till now, I've lived in homeless shelters. One of them in Seattle was frequented by felons, sex offenders and drug addicts.
  Even loving God is a daily battle as my pride keeps rearing it's ugly head. That's being real. I thank God He loves me or I'd be in hell right now. 

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