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Friday, 8 July 2016

First thoughts - Dallas shootings

We've had fun here so far. But this is where it ends for now. The time is not for fun but time to seriously think and come to terms with the nights events. Wednesday evening in a small suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota, Philando Castile was pulled over for a broken tail-light. He informed the officer he had a conceal permit and a weapon and the officer was clearly distressed at the news. He then asked Castile for his drivers license and then fired at him right as he was complying. Media as of yet has not reported any criminal convictions or even suspicions of crimes, other than the minor infraction of a broken tail-light.

Tonight (7/7/15) a vicious and violent protest erupted in Dallas with 5 officers killed and 11 injured. Members of the public became vigilantes and behaved like the mafia, executing officers that were totally not involved in the murder of Castile and there was no evidence there was any crime committed by those officers at all.
I am a Patriot, I am a Libertarian and I am also a Christian and I can tell you I totally and utterly oppose this senseless behavior. Was an innocent black man murdered? By all accounts I can see, yes he was. But why would anyone protest criminal behavior by cops by committing murder themselves? This is why I am totally opposed to the Black Lives Matter movement because they behave like gang members, do not believe in due process and have even suggested that cops and whites should be killed.

What should we do? Well as a Christian I think firstly we should pray for our nation. Secondly as we are Constitutionally classed as Militia we should force our public servants to be accountable in the most peaceful and lawful way possible while still standing up for our rights under the Constitution. There is a huge difference between peaceful protests and shooting someone because they are a cop and exacting retribution like the mob. I am absolutely not anti-cop but I am pro-liberty and will support and protect any officer who defends that or is senselessly attacked. I suggest we all hold our police force accountable by Copblocking (recording encounters with them and of protests) and if we must resist, do so with the minimum force necessary to protect and defend ourselves from a violation of our rights. And lets not forget, there are good cops out there. I spoke to an officer who sounded almost like an Oathkeeper right here in the super liberal city of Seattle. I'll finish with these links.

North Port officers celebrate birthday of boy with autism after no one responds to invites

Kind-hearted police officers cleaned house of disabled woman who had been trapped in home for days  

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