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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The saga of the impossible Internet

Several months ago I got a smartphone. Of course it was an Android because those are the only valid smartphones out there. So I get an HTC Desire 626s. Not super fancy but it does the job and wasn't pokey slow either. But...... Walmart's family mobile didn't allow me to tether and use the phone as a hotspot. Despite having 'unlimited' internet. It basically never is on any network because they always add a punishing 'fair use policy'. So I got the phone unlocked and went to Metro PCS. Load up the tethering app and that's when it got more interesting. Every setting I tried failed to maintain a connection and when it did, it still gave me the dreaded 'no internet'. Finally after speaking to Metro PCS on the phone, Facebook and Twitter, I finally discovered why it wouldn't work. I had an unlocked phone but Metro PCS blocked tethering on all but phones bought from them. $200 later, I thought I was free and everything would work perfectly right? Of course not.

I then had to fuss with the phone settings because it had chosen a channel that was in use by multiple other wireless networks. Finally after months of back and forth between social networks and customer services by phone, it actually worked. So everything is working perfectly now?

Nope. I used up all my tethering allowance and right after than Windows Update knocked out my Wi-Fi. So I had to download the wireless drivers on a public computer, transfer to the cell and then transfer to the laptop and install. Ok I'm breathless from all this insanity. Till next time

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